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"Grateful for the Care and Attention Provided by the MMP"

The MMP Community Health Navigator (CHN) visited a member who had been hard to reach for quite some time. The member did not speak much English and asked the CHN to come back the next day when her daughter was available. The CHN returned the next day and was able to fully explain all of the benefits of the MMP plan, schedule an appointment with a doctor as the member who had not seen one in years, and completed some health assessments. The member shared that she had negative experiences with a prior Medicare provider and had been wary of health plans. From her experience with the MMP, the member was grateful for the in home visit and the care and attention provided by the CHN in answering all of her and her daughter’s questions.

Thankful for the MMP care coordinator who went the extra mile for him

After a member was discharged from the hospital, he had trouble reaching someone at the pharmacy to secure a prior authorization for the medication he needed post-discharge. He reached out to his MMP care coordinator to express his concerns about his situation. The care coordinator helped to contact the pharmacy on the member’s behalf and successfully sorted out the prior authorization. The care coordinator then physically went to pharmacy to ensure the medication was filled and ready for pickup. The member was able pick up his medication and was very thankful for the “extra mile” that his MMP care coordinator went to ensure he had his medication.

Helping to Secure Support for Basic Necessities

During a home visit by the MMP, the member and his wife/caregiver shared with the Care Coordinator and Community Health Navigator (CHN) their financial struggles and resulting difficulties with buying adequate food.  Both the member and caregiver had significant medical conditions, neither are able to drive, and there is no family support in place.  The CHN helped secure plenty of food from local food bank, and assisted the member with completing paperwork to receive monthly food pantry donations.  The member and wife expressed sincere appreciation for the assistance the MMP was able to provide.           

“Great things get done when people come together as one.”

The MMP’s Community Health Navigator (CHN) received a call on a Friday morning from a member’s daughter. The daughter explained that the member had just returned from the emergency department after fracturing his right foot and needed a wheelchair immediately. She has difficulty moving her father from room to room and to any appointments. Recognizing the urgency of the request, particularly with the upcoming weekend, the CHN worked with the daughter, the emergency department nurse, the attending doctor who helped the member, the member’s primary care provider, and the durable medical equipment provider to gather the necessary information and complete the forms needed to expedite the request. That Friday evening, the member received the wheelchair and the CHN received a message from the member’s daughter stating, “Thank you for your help. All of this could not had been done if it wasn’t for the teamwork from all parties. Great things get done when people come together as one.”

“I don’t know how we would have made it without you.”

Our member was receiving long term services and supports (LTSS) when he was evacuated from a potential flood zone due to Hurricane Florence.  Once relocated to a safe location, the member’s wife, who had mobility issues, experienced trouble with care for her husband without his hospital bed. The MMP care coordinator quickly worked with the member’s waiver case manager and interdisciplinary care team to find a nursing facility in a nearby town that would accept the member until he could return home. The MMP advocated for the member’s wife to be able to stay in the facility with her husband as they didn’t want to be separated during the storm. The wife expressed feeling blessed that they were with the MMP and said, “I don’t know how we would have made it without you.”


“Flexible benefits are a good thing and very helpful."

During a home visit a member explained how depression and increased pain was affecting her daily activities.  The member needed assistance with cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing. Her MMP care coordinator explained the benefits of the waiver program and the plan’s flexibility to offer waiver-like services while she applies for a waiver program. After their discussion, the care coordinator made a request for waiver-like benefits and a referral for a Community Long Term Care (CLTC) Community Choices waiver. The member was approved for waiver-like personal care services while awaiting CLTC waiver application to be approved.  The member stated that with having the extra help she is not as stressed and that flexible benefits are a good thing and very helpful.


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