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“My health plan has really made a difference in my life.”

Our member stated he always wanted to join the Army like his brother who received several awards and honors, but he could never join because he had to care for his sick mother. The member often proudly told his care coordinator about when his health plan featured his support for his mother in their newsletter. When the member requested a copy of the newsletter, his care coordinator framed it and presented it to him at his next home visit. Upon receiving it, the member became emotional, expressed his gratitude, and stated, “I have never received any awards or honors before, and I’m going to carry it around to show all my friends.”

Honoring Those Who Care for Others

A special note regarding this story is that it showcases one of many examples of how Healthy Connections Prime Care Coordinators are making a difference in the lives of Healthy Connections Prime members. Pictured above is our member along with his Care Coordinator and their interaction regarding the newsletter. To learn more about the role of our Care Coordinators, take a look at the Care Coordination Overview.


“Prime is overall the best insurance I have ever had. I like it very much! Having Healthy Connections Prime has benefited me well. I have been able to get a lot of things done that were not getting done before."

The member is paraplegic since early childhood and currently lives alone, with family members staying at night with her. During a health reassessment visit held at her home, the member's Care Coordinator noticed that the home's floors critically needed repair. The condition of the floors created safety concerns for the member and impeded her ability to easily leave the home but the repair costs were too high for the member to cover. The Care Coordinator made a referral to the waiver program for support and also submitted the member’s name to a church home repair program. Fortunately, the church selected the member's home as one of their summer projects and much needed major repairs were completed. Our member now has a new floor, new roof, repaired bathroom, updates in her kitchen, and a new fan that has a cord that she can reach from her bed. Thanks to her Care Coordinator's support, her home was made more comfortable, safer, and more accessible for her.

"I am excited to continue on a path to good health."

Our member had a toothache and did not have a regular doctor (PCP) to see for a checkup or preventive care. In fact, he says for 40 years he did not see a doctor or check on his health. However, by joining Healthy Connections Prime, a care coordinator was able to help him choose a PCP, schedule a routine physical and lab work, and find a dentist.

Our member was able to get the care he needed to avoid an infection and unnecessary ER visits or hospital admissions. Being a part of the Healthy Connections Prime program has also improved his overall quality of life.

Our member says he is now excited to get his eyes checked and continue on a path to good health, with the help of his care coordinator.

"I like everything about my health plan. I like that my representative picks up my prescriptions and helps me with food."

On a Friday, a Community Health Navigator (CHN) got a request from a member and her adult son, who cared for her. They needed food and had no transportation to buy food, and the son was scheduled to go into the hospital on Monday. The CHN reached out to several listed local food banks, but only one was open on Saturday and that local bank said they no longer had a food pantry. The CHN explained the dilemma to the staff member, who was touched and impressed by the CHN's perseverance. Together, they figured out a solution: the staff member donated $50 of his own money, and he and the CHN drove an hour and a half to meet to deliver the check for the member to use at the grocery store. The following week, the member's care team contacted a local church and explained the member's situation. The church agreed to deliver food to her and her son once a week.

"I tell everyone about my plan. I love it, my doctor loves it, it's great!"

After our member's hospital stay, her Care Coordinator worked closely with the doctor to review her post-discharge care. During the discussion, the Care Coordinator discovered that she missed a gastroenterology appointment because of the hospital stay. The appointment was quickly rescheduled and during that appointment, some serious issues were identified. The Care Coordinator’s involvement helped our member uncover a serious issue and possibly avoid another hospital admission.

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