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“Great things get done when people come together as one.”

Source: Select Health May 2018 Report

The MMP’s Community Health Navigator (CHN) received a call on a Friday morning from a member’s daughter. The daughter explained that the member had just returned from the emergency department after fracturing his right foot and needed a wheelchair immediately. She has difficulty moving her father from room to room and to any appointments. Recognizing the urgency of the request, particularly with the upcoming weekend, the CHN worked with the daughter, the emergency department nurse, the attending doctor who helped the member, the member’s primary care provider, and the durable medical equipment provider to gather the necessary information and complete the forms needed to expedite the request. That Friday evening, the member received the wheelchair and the CHN received a message from the member’s daughter stating, “Thank you for your help. All of this could not had been done if it wasn’t for the teamwork from all parties. Great things get done when people come together as one.”

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