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“Prime is overall the best insurance I have ever had. I like it very much! Having Healthy Connections Prime has benefited me well. I have been able to get a lot of things done that were not getting done before."

The member is paraplegic since early childhood and currently lives alone, with family members staying at night with her. During a health reassessment visit held at her home, the member's Care Coordinator noticed that the home's floors critically needed repair. The condition of the floors created safety concerns for the member and impeded her ability to easily leave the home but the repair costs were too high for the member to cover. The Care Coordinator made a referral to the waiver program for support and also submitted the member’s name to a church home repair program. Fortunately, the church selected the member's home as one of their summer projects and much needed major repairs were completed. Our member now has a new floor, new roof, repaired bathroom, updates in her kitchen, and a new fan that has a cord that she can reach from her bed. Thanks to her Care Coordinator's support, her home was made more comfortable, safer, and more accessible for her.

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