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Developing a Point of Contact (POC) with Member and Family to Meet Unique Needs

“Our member is in her 90s and homebound. She enjoys being active and having visits from friends and neighbors. However, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in her experiencing increased social isolation and reduced care and support from family members, including those who served as her caretakers.

Our member’s Healthy Connections Prime health plan care coordinator spoke with her and her family to identify her immediate and long-term needs. The care coordinator discussed with them waiver services she may qualify for through Community Long Term Care (CLTC), and together, they tailored a care plan specific to the member and her caregiver’s situation. Further coordination with a Waiver Case Manager provided the member support with various aspects of personal care including Activities of Daily Living, food preparation, housekeeping tasks, and a medical alert call system in case of emergencies. In addition, biweekly in-home provider visits were implemented for the member. The member and her family were grateful and pleased that these services were available.”

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