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Member and Advocate Materials

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Connections Prime! Below you will find some helpful documents and links to help you learn more about the program. If you have any questions, click on this link to visit our Member Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or call SC Thrive Customer Service Center at (800) 726-8774, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. TTY users call 711.  This call is free.


Interactive Scenarios

Would you like to learn more about Healthy Connections Prime and how this program may assist you or your loved ones? Click on the either of the scenarios below where you will meet Marie and/or John. Both members have different needs. The short clips show each scenario and how Healthy Connections Prime can meet those needs. 

Meet Marie Marie's Solution
Meet John John's Solution


Information You May Have Received

60-Day/30-Day Passive Enrollment Notice

Individuals who are passively enrolled (auto assigned) into Healthy Connections Prime will receive a letter 60 days before their enrollment is effective to let them know about their auto-assignment and which Medicare-Medicaid Plan they have been assigned to. They will also receive a similar letter 30 days before their enrollment is effective.


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