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Member Stories

Read about some of our members' Healthy Connections Prime experiences.

 "I like everything about my health plan.  I like that my representative picks up my prescriptions and helps me with food."

On a Friday, a Community Health Navigator (CHN) got a request from a member and her adult son, who cared for her.  They needed food and had no transportation to buy food, and the son was scheduled to go into the hospital on Monday.  The CHN reached out to several listed local food banks, but only one was open on Saturday and that local bank said they no longer had a food pantry.  The CHN explained the dilemma to the staff member, who was touched and impressed by the CHN's perseverance.  Together, they figured out a solution: the staff member donated $50 of his own money, and he and the CHN drove an hour and a half to meet to deliver the check for the member to use at the grocery store.

The following week, the member's care team contacted a local church and explained the member's situation.  The church agreed to deliver food to her and her son once a week.

"I like the personal touches my plan brings.  I feel like I joined a family and not an insurance plan.  My plan cares about their members."

Our member brought up to his health plan Navigator that his over the counter medications were getting too costly to fill on his income. The Navigator helped the member call his doctor and get prescriptions that the member could fill at his pharmacy with no copay. Now our member is able to save some money for other uses while still getting the medications that he needs.



"I tell everyone about my plan.  I love it, my doctor loves it, it's great!"

After our member's hospital stay, her Care Coordinator worked closely with the doctor to review her post-discharge care. During the discussion, the Care Coordinator discovered that she missed a gastroenterology appointment because of the hospital stay. The appointment was quickly rescheduled and during that appointment, some serious issues were identified. The Care Coordinator’s involvement helped our member uncover a serious issue and possibly avoid another hospital admission.

"I am pleased with the services I have received so far."

Our member mentioned to his Care Coordinator that he hasn’t seen a doctor since his cardiac bypass three years ago and felt very tired all the time. The Care Coordinator put our member in touch with an internist who was able to then refer him to a cardiologist for a much needed workup and follow-up care. The cardiologist will be able to monitor his health with appropriate lab work, exams, and medication adjustments to minimize future health complications. The member was happy to know that his Medicaid and Medicare was now "all in one" and that he would now be able to get appropriate medical care.

 "I enjoy being a part of this plan because I don't have to worry about paying for my medication.  I also enjoy being a part of this plan because my Community Health Navigator and Care Coordinator keep me informed on what I am supposed to do and what is going on."

Our member's Community Health Navigator couldn't reach her by phone and drove nearly 70 miles to her home to check on her.  The Navigator learned about some knee pains and helped schedule an appointment to see a doctor.  The Navigator also agreed to accompany our member to the appointment at the member's request.  When the member told the Navigator about some other issues within the home, she was quickly put in touch with a social worker who was able to provide assistance with utility bills and a water heater.

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