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Stakeholder Updates

Please click on the links below to view our stakeholder update documents. In these documents, you will find updates on the latest program news, events, and posted materials.

April 2021

  • NEMT Provider Name Change
  • Program Support Documentation Reminders
  • Other FAQs and Resource Materials

December 2020

  • County Expansion
  • SC Thrive Community Outreach 
  • Member Stories
  • Plan Comparison Chart Updates

June 2020

  • Updates Regarding COVID-19 and Healthy Connections Prime
  • Elder Abuse Awareness Day
  • MMP County Expansions
  • Education and Outreach Highlights

December 2019

  • Incontinence Supplies Guidance Update
  • Identifying Claims Contacts for MMPs
  • Phoenix Help Section Update for Phoenix Users

September 2019

  • 2019 Program Update
  • Nursing Facility Guidance Revisions
  • Flu Season Awareness and Prevention

June 2019

  • County Coverage Expansion
  • Program Coverage Model Comparison 
  • MA Plan Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Updated Nursing Facilities Claims Filing Process
  • Hospice FAQs Released
  • Institutional Respite FAQs Released

April 2018

  • Healthy Connections Prime and Nursing Facilities Update
  • Healthy Connections Prime Waiver Services Appeals Process
  • Healthy Connections Prime Provider Training Module
  • Upcoming Older Americans Month
  • Join Our Distribution List!
  • Request a Presentation

February 2018

  • New Medicare Cards Coming Soon
  • Healthy Connections Prime Introduction Webinar
  • Recently Posted Documents
  • Join Our Distribution List!
  • Request a Presentation

December 2017

  • National Family Caregivers Month
  • Care Coordinator Member Brochure
  • Palliative Care Member FAQ
  • Waiver Case Manager FAQ
  • December 12th SC Thrive Webinar for Advocates

October 2017

  • Hurricane Irma Update
  • October 10th - SC Thrive Webinar for Advocates and Caregivers
  • October 13th - Webinar for Waiver Case Managers
  • November 14th - Provider Webinar on Improper Billing and Continuity of Care
  • 2017 Healthy Connections Prime Program Update Released

August 2017

  • Provider Webinar Series
  • SC Thrive's Webinar for Advocates and Caregivers 
  • Improper Billing Guidance for Providers
  • New Waiver Care Manager Guidance
  • Quarterly Senior Resource Fair
  • Preparing for the Total Eclipse
  • Healthy Connections Prime Distribution List
  • Request a Presentation for More Information

June 2017

  • Passive Enrollment Update
  • Save the Date: Healthy Connections prime Proivder Webinar Series
  • Beneficiary Choice Notice for Providers
  • Fresh Food for Seniors
  • Self-Direction Care Training for MMPs

March 2017

  • New Counties for Absolute Total Care
  • New FAQ for CLTC Waiver Case Managers
  • New FAQ for Nursing Facility Proivders
  • Reminder: Prohibition of Improper Billing for Healthy Connections Prime Members
  • Serving Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees with Dementia
  • Healthy Connections Prime Featured in the Summit on Aging

January 2017

  • New Counties for Molina Dual Options
  • January 19, 2017 Palmetto Senior Show
  • New Interactive Scenarios
  • Healthy Connections Prime Advocate Update
  • Member Stories

November 2016

  • Hurricane Mattew
  • December 8, 2016 - Lunch and Learn: Healthy Connections Prime
  • Healthy Connections Prime in AARP

September 2016

  • Advicare Advocate Claims
  • HCBS Provider Phase II Transition FAQ Release
  • Plans Receive Demnetia Dialgoues Training
  • 9th Annual National Fall Awareness Day

July 2016

  • Wave 2 Passive Enrollment Effective July 1
  • Transition of Advicare Advocate
  • Balance Billing Prohibition Notice
  • July Senior Resource Fair

May 2016

  • A Major Milestone! 
  • Prime Provider Training Released
  • CMS Notice to Pharmacies Released
  • Aging Well Senior Symposium
  • Senior Training at the State House

March 2016

  • Passive Enrollment (Auto-Assignment) Starts April 1!
  • New Training for Medicare-Medicaid Plans and Providers




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