Provider Training

  • ASD Covered Services (Medicaid State Plan and Coordinated Care) Provider Informational Meeting
  • Medicaid Web-based Claims Submission Tool Training
    This online training for the Medicaid provider web tool includes six interactive videos that cover the following topics: getting started, customize your web tool, check eligibility, enter a claim, submit a claim and revisit, re-use and remit.
    Online Training
  • Third-Party Liability (TPL) Training
    This online training includes the following topics: third-party liability basics, check TPL eligibility through the web tool, TPL calculator, TPL calculation, TPL FAQs, credit balance reporting, update patient insurances (HIIRF), adjustments (Form 130), Medicaid refunds (Form 205), report reasonable effort to obtain primary payment, how to get third-party payers to pay, the importance of patient responsibility, does Medicaid pay before or after, credit balance reporting, health insurance premium payment (HIPP) and HIPP eligibility calculator.
    Online Training



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