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General Inquiries for BabyNet State Office

The contact form below is for BabyNet-related general inquiries only.

Do not include protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) in this form.  Securely send information regarding specific beneficiaries,  including billing and payment issues, to

To refer a child to BabyNet, please click HERE or call 1-866-512-8881.




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Physical Address
BabyNet State Office
Jefferson Square
1801 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29201



Submit A Request to the Team for Early Childhood Solutions (TECS) Helpdesk
Providers may contact the TECS Helpdesk for things like unlocking an IFSP, service log errors, IFSP errors (date or type), caseload, planned services and payor source issues, login issues, BRIDGES trainings, and bulk approval questions for service coordination.

Submit A Question Online to the Medicaid Provider Service Center
Providers may contact the Medicaid Provider Service Center for things like Medicaid enrollment, Medicaid claim inquiries, denial edits, third-party liability, and other issues. You may also contact (888) 289-0709.

Managed Care Organization (MCO) Contact Information
Email and contact information for general questions, issues, prior authorization and UM support for MCOs.

Online Central Referral Form
Anyone with concerns about a young child’s development may make a referral to the South Carolina Early Intervention Program, known as BabyNet in South Carolina. The information you provide to the Central Referral Team will be kept confidential. Upon submission of the referral, you will receive a confirmation email and someone from our office will contact you. You may also contact (866) 512-8881.

Local BabyNet Eligibility (SPOE) Contact Information
Contact information for local BabyNet offices in South Carolina.

BabyNet Central Directory
BabyNet Central Directory is a statewide online directory to help families navigate the early intervention, early childhood, school and health care systems by directing them to available resources in their areas.

Part C/BabyNet Disputes and Concerns
Options for stakeholders, including parents and providers, may address their concerns about service coordination/early intervention service providers and agencies.

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