Q. Why is there a difference between covered dates of service and the claims submission acceptance date?

A. SCDHHS’ goal in preparing and responding to COVID-19 is to authorize services quickly, but the agency also needs time to update its system(s) to receive bills and reimburse for claims. Having earlier covered dates of service allows providers to start providing these reimbursable services to their patients immediately while system changes are being implemented and tested.


If a provider submits a bill before the announced claims submission date and the claim is rejected, the provider should call the Medicaid Provider Service Center at (888) 289-0709 or resubmit the claim after the submission date stated in the bulletin.


Claims related to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C Program, commonly known as BabyNet in South Carolina, will be adjudicated through the standard payment cycle. Service logs submitted for telehealth and approved for billing will be submitted for adjudication in accordance with the billing guidance published in the bulletins available at www.scdhhs.gov/covid19 and processed over the course of the two BabyNet payment cycles following the relevant claims submission acceptance date.

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