Q. Will SCDHHS allow Medicaid applicants to use “E-signatures?”

A. SCDHHS has modified the eligibility signature policy in recognition of the current challenges in obtaining physical signatures from individuals during the COVID-19 emergency response period. An applicant, or a person authorized by SCDHHS policy to apply on behalf of an individual, may “sign” an application by typing the name on the signature line and completing the “Is someone helping you fill out this application?” section of the form. This signature will be considered valid and will commit the person completing the document to the penalty of perjury if signing under false pretenses or if false or inaccurate information is provided. All current policies regarding applicant rights and responsibilities are still applicable.


Authorized Representatives

If the applicant wishes to designate an Authorized Representative but is unable to sign the appropriate form (DHHS FM 1282), the form allows for an individual to sign on someone’s behalf. The reason the applicant cannot sign the form must also be entered as instructed on the form. 

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