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Employment First resources

These resources are for providers looking to expand, enhance, revamp, or just introduce Employment as the first option for waiver participants.

  • SC Disability Employment Coalition - HireMeSC
    • Disability Benefits and Employment Workshops
    • Employer events/training
  • APSE - Association of People who Support Employment 1st
    • In addition to various offerings at its annual national conference, several virtual technical assistance events focused on provider transformation are hosted throughout the year.  Additionally, APSE state chapters provide a number of state and local technical assistance events throughout the year.  APSE is currently in discussions with ODEP and other partners to develop a Provider Transformation TA Center. 
    • ANCOR has recently offered a number of technical assistance and training endeavors for its providers to help them prepare for complying with the federal HCBS requirements.
  • College of Direct Supports
    • College of Direct Supports content delivers competency-based training designed to prepare your direct support staff to go above and beyond compliance.  The CDS training is fully accredited by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). CDS training helps organizations achieve the Council on Quality and Leadership Accreditation (CQL) – and ensure that providers are ready to meet other national competency-based credentials. The CDS learning management system, Elsevier Performance Manager, allows states and organizations to track every staff member’s status as they navigate through each objective-focused lesson and achieve skills within each competency area. Tools embedded in the content delivery assist learners in bringing trusted knowledge to the workplace through discussions, on the job training checklists and reflection exercises. Alongside education, one can also document the results of any assessments, certifications, checklists, discussions, acknowledgements or surveys.
  • Ensuring Excellence in Community-Based Day Supports: A Guide for Service Providers and Staff
  • National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals
    • Training resources and technical assistance available
  • State Strategies and Programs
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