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Personal Planning Toolkit

Below you will find two documents:

Personal Planning Toolkit

Personal Planning Toolkit Instructions


For Waiver Participants:

Planning for your future and who you would like to help you are important parts of person-centered planning. These tools and resources can help you and the people who support you to develop the plan or strategies that will work best for you.


For Families:

The toolkit was designed so that your family member receiving waiver services can identify what is most important to him/her prior to meeting with his/her case manager.  As a family, you can use this toolkit to help discuss what is most needed and appropriate for your family. The toolkit can then be taken with you to the meeting with the caseworker to help guide the discussions about waiver services.


For Case Managers:

The toolkit can be used by case managers to help with the annual assessment process. Many of the questions on the Toolkit are similar to those on the Case Management Annual Assessment and can assist case managers as they get to know new clients and their families. This toolkit takes a person-centered approach and can assist with guiding case managers towards person-centered thinking.

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