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Residential Providers

How home and community-based residential settings look in South Carolina will be guided by the requirements outlined in the HCBS Rule.  Every home and community-based setting must meet the five overall requirements outlined in the HCBS Rule. For residential settings, there are additional requirements specific to them.  SCDHHS will be working with providers as we move forward with the South Carolina HCBS Statewide Transition Plan to ensure residential settings meet these requirements.  Providers need to be compliant with the new HCBS requirements by the end of 2018 to ensure the state's compliance by March 2019.

All residential providers must have the following:

  • Specific unit/dwelling is owned, rented, or occupied under legally enforceable agreement. Same responsibilities and protections from eviction as all tenants under landlord tenant law of state, county, city or other designated entity.
  • Each individual has privacy in their sleeping or living unit.
  • Units have lockable entrance doors with the individual and appropriate staff having keys to doors as needed.
  • Individuals sharing units have a choice of roommates.
  • Individuals have the freedom to furnish and decorate their sleeping or living units within the lease or other agreement.
  • Individuals have freedom and support to control their schedules and activities and have access to food any time.
  • Individuals may have visitors at any time.
  • Setting is physically accessible to the individual.

Providers have completed a C4 Self-Assessment on the policies associated with whichever residential program type they operate. The Ideal Answers and Global Results from that C4 Self-Assessment can be found here.

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