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TAC Report

In 2015, SCDHHS procured consultants to review supportive housing in South Carolina. The Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC), Inc. was the winning bidder. As part of that consultation, TAC, Inc reviewed current residential settings options for HCBS compliance. The report can be found here.

The following recommendations were made:

  1. Require provider staff, from the direct service personnel to the Directors, to be trained in how to insure that residents exercise informed choice.
  2. Verify that each individual living in a CRCF or CTH was offered a choice to live in a non-disability residential setting capable of meeting the individual’s needs.
  3. Address the lack of choice in daily activities/programs. Activities which are available to individuals without disabilities may be preferred by some residents.
  4. Require residential agreements or leases for all settings.
  5. As leases expire, disperse Supported Living apartments throughout complexes.
  6. Insure office areas and equipment are separate from resident living areas. Resident information must be kept confidential and staff communications should not be displayed for residents and visitors to view.
  7. Enhance skill-building in the residences…staff shouldn’t do the daily activities, such as cooking meals or shopping for groceries, because it’s quicker or easier than assisting the residents to work on skill development. It was difficult to tell in some settings how much, if any, skill building was occurring.
  8. Conduct a random site cost-benefit analysis to assess the implications of converting use of large vans to smaller vehicles. Transporting residents using smaller vehicles is less stigmatizing, incents individualized trips and destinations and is likely to have cost efficiencies; these reduced costs may be off-set however, if more staff are needed for transporting.
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