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Check Eligibility of Providers To Receive More Incentives (HIT Does A Nationwide Check)

Call us now to check if you have additional eligible providers and claim additional incentive money. A lot of practices have providers who can get paid EHR Incentives and don't know it! 803-898-2992

A provider could have been paid an incentive payment in another state or territory and their current practice is unaware (often the provider themselves is not aware). A prior incentive payment qualifies that provider to receive up to 5 more incentive payments totaling up to $42,500!

Many providers have been able to qualify new and existing providers from using the revised criteria, policy changes, and additional allowances for the meaningful use measures that the HIT Division has sent out via email.

We encourage you to review all of the providers in your practice that have used or use CEHRT. The HIT Division will gladly look up the providers in your practice to see.


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