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What if I Did Not Administer Any Immunizations Durign 2017? Can I Exclude?

If the provider did not administer any immunizations during their selected EHR reporting period in calendar year 2017, the provider can exclude the immunization registry using Exclusion number 2.

 Does not administer any immunizations to any of the populations for which data is collected by its jurisdiction's immunization registry or immunization information system during the EHR reporting period

 If the provider contributed data that was or would be submitted by their employer/ organization/ to an applicable registry (immunization, Syndromic, or Specialized Registry), then the provider can attest to meeting the stage of active engagement that their employer/ organization was at during the provider’s selected EHR reporting period. A provider’s group/ employer can submit data on behalf of the provider and the provider can claim that level of engagement (so long as the provider’s organization/ employer met the requirements of Objective 10).

 Use the following email address and/or phone number to request information from the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control regarding you or your employer’s engagement with that agency’s immunization, syndromic or cancer registries.


Key Consideration on Choosing a 90-Day Period

The provider can choose another 90-day period within calendar year 2017 where they did not administer any immunizations, if they cannot meet Objective 10 Measure 1. Providers can choose any 90-day period they want within calendar year 2017 for Meaningful Use Program Year 2017.

Providers within the same group or TIN do NOT need to select the same Meaningful Use period. That is to say, providers within the same TIN/ group can use different 90-day Meaningful Use reporting periods. It is often necessary to look at the entire calendar year 2017 data for Meaningful Use to determine which 90-day period within the calendar yearto use in order to meet the measures for each provider. You do not have to use the same 90-day period the provider used in a prior attestation (for example: May 1 – July 29), you can choose any 90 day period within calendar year 2017!

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