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You Can Meet Objective 10 (Public Health Registries) by Engagement with Two Specialized Registries

Did you know you can meet Objective 10 just by being in active engagement with two specialized registries?

What is a specialized registry? A specialized registry can be a public health registry (like SCDHEC’s cancer registry) or a national, state, or regional registry (such as a clinical data registry/ patient data registry).

Helpful Tip:   If Eligible Professionals (EPs) were in active engagement with two or more specialized registries during their EHR reporting period, they may count objective 10 Measure 3 twice (as two separate Measures) to satisfy the meaningful use requirements of Objective 10. By counting Objective 10 Measure 3 twice, the EP can meet the requirements for Objective 10 and they do not need to meet or exclude or attest to Measures 1 or 2.  EPs should enter the full name of each of the registries into the SLR (you must attest that you submitted to each registry by clearly identifying them in the SLR fields). Note: Only Measure 3 may be counted twice.

We encourage providers to contact any associations to which they belong to identify opportunities for active engagement with specialized registries, to ensure they can meet Objective 10. Providers and their organizations should determine which registries they submitted data to in order to see if they can use this helpful tip to meet Objective 10.  Here is a database that you can search to find specialized registries (based on different search criteria such as diagnosis):

Meetingand excluding selections among the measures are interrelated and guidance is as follows:

There are a total of three Measures for Objective 10.

The EP must meet two of the three Measures or if they are not able to meet two Measures, they must exclude any of the three remaining measures.As stated above, Measure 3 “specialized registry” can be counted twice to satisfy this requirement – therefore, a provider can select the SLR checkbox for only Measure 3 and input the two registries where active engagement occurred and be done with Objective 10 – you do not have to exclude the other Measures or attest to meeting them);

Some examples areas follows (not all inclusive):

  • Example 1:  The EP can meet two measures (the EP does not have to exclude the other measures. For example, if attesting to two specialized registries, simply select Measure 3 and enter the two registries where active engagement occurred. You are done with Objective 10)
  • Example 2: An EP can meet Measure 1 and Measure 3 (only one specialized registry was actively engaged). They do not have to exclude Measure 2.
  • Example 3:  The EP can meet one measure only but must be eligible for an exclusion for each of the other two measures. If eligible, the must take the exclusions for the remaining measures on their attestation.

Example 4: If eligible to exclude all three measures, the EP may do so to meet the measure.

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