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Confirm Values of Objectives 6 & 8 Denominators

Please review your meaningful use (MU) attestations for providers in your practice with special attention to a difference that may exist in the value of the denominators for the measures in MU Objectives 6 and 8. Although the denominators may have different values, this is not necessarily an indication of a problem.

However, we ask that you complete the following review process on your attestations to confirm you reported data in accordance with CMS specifications.

1. Confirm denominators were entered as intended in your attestation(s).

2. Review the definitions for objectives 6 and 8 denominators:

Modified Stage 2 Objective 6: Patient-Specific Education

DENOMINATOR: Number of unique patients with office visits seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.

Modified Stage 2 Objective 8: Patient Electronic Access, Measures 1 & 2

DENOMINATOR: Number of unique patients seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period.

3. Obtain a detailed description of the specific calculation rules that result in the value assigned to each denominator used for the MU measures (from your EHR Vendor, if necessary). If the data does not match all aspects of the respective denominator's definition, you should discuss this with your vendor.

4. Review the following CMS Specifications for Objectives 6 and 8:

CMS Specifications for Objective 6, Measures and Exclusions - Patient-Specific Education

CMS Specifications for Objective 8, Measures and Exclusions - Patient Electronic Access

This is a time-sensitive matter. If you find that data reported on your PY2016 attestation is not what you intend to attest to, please contact the SC HIT Program as soon as possible so that we can allow you to make a change.

It is very important to retain documentation that includes the detailed description of the specific calculation rule that results in the value assigned to each denominator. This documentation should be retained for a minimum of 6 years along with all other documentation supporting the attestation to be available in the event of an audit by the S.C. Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.


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