High Fidelity Wraparound: Leveling the Playing Field for Families

South Carolina Continuum of Care representatives Tanya Barton and Lew Rogers presented “High Fidelity Wraparound: Leveling the Playing Field for Families” during the April Palmetto Coordinated System of Care (PCSC) monthly webinar hosted by Family Connection of South Carolina.

During the webinar the presenters outlined the difference between wrap services and high fidelity wraparound care coordination. According to the  Barton and Rogers, unlike traditional targeted wrap services, high fidelity wraparound is a process which allows for the provision of intensive care coordination. It is a team based approach to caring for families of children and youth with complicated needs in the least restrictive most appropriate setting.   

The presenters also shared information on the high fidelity wraparound referral and eligibility processes, the role high fidelity wraparound plays in the PCSC and its four distinct phases.

If you missed the live webinar a link to the recording with slides will be posted on the Presentations and Webinars section on this site. Learn more about how the Continuum of Care is leveling the playing field for families in South Carolina through high fidelity wraparound care coordination.

Both presenters serve as statewide trainers for the Continuum of Care and are nationally certified coaches through the National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC). NWIC and the University of Maryland School of Social Work provide comprehensive support to the PCSC and the Continuum of Care to deliver high quality wraparound services for children and youth with behavioral health needs.

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