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Family-Driven Care

What It Means to Be Family-Driven
A guiding principal of system of care work is family-driven care. But what does it really mean to be family driven? Family-driven means families have:

  • a primary decision making role in the care of their own children and
  • a decision making role in the policies and procedures governing care for all children in their community  .

In day-to-day work, how do we put that into action? Family members—biological, adoptive, foster or surrogate—are valued members of the child and family team and are crucial in the decision making process.

Family-Driven Care Empowers Families
When family members are empowered, they can articulate a position and advocate for change.  This is an important skill that helps families meet their children and youths’ needs—not just for one meeting, but for a lifetime.

Some of the characteristics of empowerment are:

  • Having decision-making power
  • Having access to accurate information and resources
  • Assertiveness
  • Not feeling alone; feeling part of a group
  • Effecting change in one's life and one's community


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