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  1. What is the PCSC?
    PCSC stands for Palmetto Coordinated System of Care. A system of care is a way to improve the services for children and youth who have mental health needs and their families. A system of care has broad, flexible services and supports for children, youth and their families. The care is coordinated and is provided in a way that partners with families. PCSC is South Carolina's version of a system of care.
  2. Who will it serve?
    Children and youth who have serious behavioral health challenges and who are in or most at risk of out of home placement.
    •  Also includes children and youth with substance use disorders only and
    •  Children and youth with co-occurring developmental delays and mental disorders.
  3. What is a waiver?
    A waiver is a program that allows Medicaid to pay for services that may not typically be covered by Medicaid.  Waivers have requirements for someone to be eligible for these services.
  4. When will it be available?
    Implementation is targeted for August 2017, or as soon as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approves the application.
  5. How do I qualify?
    A child or youth needs to have an assessment by a qualified professional. A family with a child or youth in crisis may have to answer brief screening questions before receiving services and may be assessed later. 
  6. What services could my child or youth receive?
    Services are individually tailored to meet the needs of children, youth, and their families. Services include: high-fidelity wraparound care coordination, respite, parent/caregiver peer support, youth peer support, community crisis response and intervention, and intensive family services.
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