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Home and Community-based Services

Home & Community-based Services

Home and community-based services are opportunities for children and youth to receive services in their own home or community. These services are provided to a variety of populations, such as children and youth who have mental illnesses, intellectual or developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities. Children and youth who receive home and community-based services have access to services in the environment where they live, rather than leaving their home to live in a psychiatric residential treatment facility or group home. Often the focus of home and community-based services is on the entire family unit, not just the child or youth.

Community-based services are family-driven and individualized based upon the needs of the youth or family. Freedom of choice for children, youth, and their families ensures personal preferences and choices are taken into account.

South Carolina has experience with home and community-based services for children, youth and their families. South Carolina was one of nine state across the country that participated in a national community-based alternatives demonstration grant, known as Children’s Health Access in Community Environments (CHANCE) Waiver. This program was designed to provide home and community-based interventions to youth who otherwise would have been treated in psychiatric residential treatment facility. Services were provided to youth ages four to 19 who had significant behavioral health challenges.

The program is no longer open for new participants, but the state learned a great deal about providing home and community-based services to children, youth and their families. The following is testimonial quotes from parents and a youth who participated in the program:

  • “The therapist we have now is great; anytime that mom voiced a concern or problem she helped to work it out immediately. I felt like she was listening and family was a priority.”
  • “Feels like they are there for me 24 hours, they go beyond the call of duty, they are very good, if something happened to me, they would help.”
  • “In-home therapy has been really good; they have gotten my child to open up more.”
  • “Well before I was in CHANCE, I was pretty much the worse kid you could ever think of. I’m glad that I was able to have someone to talk to.”

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