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Palmetto Coordinated System of Care Timeline

October 2011

  • DMH awarded first statewide system of care grant from SAMHSA.

October 2012       

  • First meeting to create a statewide system of care.

March 2013        

  • Agency directors formed Leadership Team and began meeting regularly.

August 2013    

  • Memorandum of Agreement to create the PCSC is drafted.  Members include the Continuum of Care, DAODAS, DDSN, DJJ, DMH, DSS and SCDHHS.

January 2014        

  • Family members join the Leadership Team.

February 2014        

  • Second statewide meeting held and Project Director began work.
  • Leadership Team adopted “Triple Aim Type” outcome measures and developed a working definition of the target population.

March 2014      

  •  Leadership Team signed Memorandum of Agreement and began system design.                
  • Communications workgroup began meeting.

April 2014        

  • Captured current system strengths and opportunities.
  • Began data collection for cross-system analysis and fiscal mapping.
  • Service array workgroup began meeting.

June 2014        

  • Service Array workgroup submitted comprehensive recommendations.
  • Leadership Team decided the Continuum would use high-fidelity wraparound care coordination and private care management entities would not be created.  The decision regarding other care management entities was left open.
  • SCDHHS decided that it would certify any care management entities and that all care management must be conflict free.

July 2014        

  • CANS workgroup began meeting to operationalize target population.

August 2014        

  • High-fidelity Wraparound offered statewide.
  • Communications workgroup submitted communications plan.
  • Interagency meeting was started to address ongoing implementation issues.
  • Ongoing Family Involvement workgroup began meeting.

September 2014    

  • Service Array workgroup recommended four priority services before full implementation:  1) intensive family services, 2) respite, 3) youth and parent peer support, and 4) mobile crisis.

October 2014    

  • Ongoing Family Involvement workgroup submitted recommendations for families and youth to lead at governance, management, and service levels.
  • South Carolina received SAMHSA system of care implementation grant began.
  • Provider Capacity and Training workgroup began meeting.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Competency workgroup submitted statewide training plan.

November 2014    

  • Public agencies began to map intake processes.
  • Three family communications focus groups held.

December 2014        

  • Agencies received first draft of cross-system analysis and fiscal mapping.                    
  • Provider communications focus group held.

January 2015        

  • Agencies reviewed cross-system analysis and fiscal mapping.
  • Youth communications focus group held.

February 2015        

  • Youth communications focus group for youth involved in juvenile justice system.
    Provider Capacity workgroup began discussion about a statewide capacity building plan.
    PCSC Update emails began for internal partners.

March 2015        

  • Youth communication focus group for youth involved in foster care.
  • Provider Capacity workgroup made recommendations for a center of excellence and a statewide behavioral health evidence-based practices survey.

April 2015    

  • Two youth communications focus groups conducted for youth involved in foster care.
  • Outcome Measures workgroup began meeting.

May 2015        

  • Cultural and linguistic competency statewide training kick-off held in Columbia.
  • Youth MOVE SC representative attended national training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

June 2015    

  • Team of South Carolina public agency and family members attended national system of care hands-on training in Washington, DC.
    Team of public agency and family organization members attended National Wraparound Implementation Center training in Portland, Oregon.

July 2015    

  • Two teams of South Carolina public agency and family organization members attended a hands on training for implementing parent and youth peer support.

September 2015  

  • Statewide Kick-off for Building Bridges Initiative, a collaboration for families, youth, community providers and psychiatric residential treatment providers held in Columbia.
  • Regional cultural and linguistic competency training held in Florence

November 2015

  • Representatives from family service organizations are sent to the national Federation of Families Conference.

December 2015

  • SCDHHS decides to pursue a Medicaid home and community-based waiver to support a system of care.

January 2016

  • SAMHSA grant funded a Center of Excellence for Evidence-based Intervention at USC School of Social Work, Institute for Families in Society.

February 2016

  • Federation of Families is awarded a contract to perform SAMHSA grant activities including family-driven care training, youth coordinators, and marketing system of care activities.

March 2016

  • Outcome measures are presented to and approved by the PCSC Leadership Team.
  • A cultural and linguistic training conference is held in Laurens, SC.

April 2016

  • Center of Excellence produces a report on evidence-based practices.
  • Evaluators for SAMHSA grant, USC’s Core for Applied Research and Evaluation prepare a brief on key stakeholder interviews.
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