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Youth Guided

Youth-guided means that young people are empowered and given a decision making role in the care of their own lives and the policies and procedures governing care for youth in their community. This includes giving young people a voice and then listening to that voice.

Youth-guided organizations create safe environments that help young people grow towards independence in a way that respects the cultures and beliefs with which they identify.

Why is Youth-Guided Care Important?
Empowering, educating and sharing responsibility with young people is essential to positive youth outcomes. Young people will one day become adults who will need to live independently, access services and navigate systems. Research indicates that when children and youth are involved in their plans of care and other decision-making that affects them, they are more motivated to achieve successful outcomes for themselves. Furthermore, giving young people a voice in policies and procedures that impact them and other youth is a critical component to the success of services and programs.

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