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Application FAQs

These questions refer to the Healthy Outcomes Plan Application form.

1. The posted application is in a .pdf form. Are there any other formats?
If you would like a Word version of the Healthy Outcomes Plan application, email with your request.

2.  What is and/or why is there a word limit?
Generally, applications or grant requests have a word, line or page limit. SCDHHS wants to understand the plan, but also wants hospitals and partners to keep their answers simple. The limits are defined on the application.

3. In the application, to what resources does the question “resources required” refer (page 8)?
Resources refer to labor or people, equipment, facilities, materials, etc.

4. Do Healthy Outcomes Plan submissions need to include a formal budget?
No, a budget is not required for the Healthy Outcomes Plan application.

5. Can hospitals partner and submit one application together?

7. What is required to demonstrate a partnership(s)?
The application requires a formal memorandum of understanding
(MOU) in the “letter of intent” (page 2 of the application) signed by all partners.

6. Does the nonhospital partner negotiate a MOU agreement with the hospital? Does the hospital decide what amount would be paid to the safety net provider?
The Healthy Outcomes Plan is submitted by the hospital. The Letter of Intent (page 2 on the application form) requires a development of a collaborative partnership.

7. Is a hospital required to begin or end with the target number of patients required? For examples, if the minimum is 50, does that require there to be 50 for the entire program year?
It is the intent of the proviso to maintain your target population. SCDHHS acknowledges that may be challenging in some situations. We will monitor the target population through the first quarter period (October through December) and follow up in January with a response for the remaining program year.

8. Can a clinic that offers evening and weekend hours be included as a hospital partner?
Yes. In fact, this might be considered a desired partner.

9. Can a hospital participate in more than one application (multi-hospital plan and standalone)?
No. A hospital may only participate in one Healthy Outcomes Plan submission.

10. Can centers operated by the Department of Mental Health and serving as a primary care facility receive funding for providing care to mentally ill?
Safety net providers are defined as FQHCs, FQHC look-a-likes, RHCs, Free Clinics, other clinics serving the uninsured and Welvista.

11. Can centers operating by the Department of Mental Health be considered a primary care safety net provider?

12. Do hospitals that have provider-based RHCs qualify for the safety net funds?
Safety net providers are defined as FQHCs, FQHC look-a-likes, RHCs, Free Clinics, other clinics serving the uninsured and Welvista.

13. What if we have a question about the HOP application or application process?
For any questions on the Healthy Outcomes Plan application or application process, email There is also a technical assistance team in place to answer your questions and provide guidance on Healthy Outcomes Plans.

14. How we electronially submit the pages that require signatures?
For the first two pages requiring signatures in the HOP submission packet, you may have them hand-signed, scanned and include as seperate attachments in addition to the completed submission form. For your convenience, you may download the HOP Cover Page and Letter of Intent as individual files. You may also insert an electronic signature into the HOP submission form.

15. When are Healthy Outcomes Plan applications due?
Applications are due by 5 p.m. EST Friday, August 30, 2013.

16. How does my hospital submit an application?
Complete the application form and submit by email at or by U.S. Postal Mail to SCDHHS, 1801 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201, Attention: Healthy Outcomes Plan.

17. How will hospitals know if SCDHHS received their Healthy Outcomes Plan application?
SCDHHS will send a confirmation email once a Healthy Outcomes Plan is submitted.

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