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General Healthy Outcomes Plan FAQs

1. What is the Healthy Outcomes Plan?
South Carolina’s Proviso 33.34 sections A(1), C and D, supports participating hospitals who propose service delivery models to coordinate care for chronically ill, uninsured, high utilizers of emergency department (ED) services. These models, or Healthy Outcomes Plans, will improve the coordination of care for the uninsured, improve health and lower health care costs.

This marks the first time funding may only be accessed if hospitals, clinics and other providers serving the uninsured work together and adhere to health improvement initiatives outlined in the proviso.

2. Who can submit Healthy Outcomes Plans?
South Carolina Medicaid-designated hospitals.

3. When are Healthy Outcomes Plans due? 
Healthy Outcomes Plans are due by 5 p.m. EST Friday, August 30. Hospitals must use and submit the Healthy Outcomes Plan application form.

4. Are hospitals penalized if they do not participate in the Healthy Outcomes Plan?
Participation is not required, but it is the hope of both SCDHHS and SCHA to have 100% participation from South Carolina Medicaid-designated hospitals. View the reimbursement methodology for rural and non-rural hospitals.

5. Do hospitals have to partner with another health safety net provider (e.g. free clinic, RHC, FQHC or other service provider)?
Yes. The foundation of the Healthy Outcomes Plan is collaboration. Hospitals must partner with other safety net providers.

6. What if I want to speak with someone or have questions on the Healthy Outcomes Plan?  
You may direct any questions to Additionally, there is a technical assistance team in place that will answers questions and provide support on plan development and application submission.



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