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Dear Healthy Outcomes Initiative Providers,

This is a monumental time in our country’s health care system; a time requiring state-based leadership and solutions. Our state’s health system is innovating and delivering services in more comprehensive, personalized and cost-effective ways than ever before. Our focus on quality, safety and outcomes has rightly gained local and national attention. State leaders and legislators recognize this, and now they want us to further serve those who need care and coordination the most.

The General Assembly passed Proviso 33.34 to give health care providers in our state a platform, with structure and funding, to develop local partnerships focusing our expertise on South Carolinians who are uninsured, chronically ill and over-utilizing hospital emergency rooms.

Providers such as you have this opportunity to participate in this “Healthy Outcomes Plan” and submit models based on your ideas and best practices that can:

   1.    Improve the coordination of care for this at-risk population;
   2.    Lower health care costs and
   3.    Facilitate the development of a high-performing and       
          replicable system of care.

Your model based on this Triple Aim approach should lead to improved health of South Carolinians, improved patient experience of care and reduced per capita cost of health care delivery.

The Healthy Outcomes Plan is one of the largest process improvement efforts that Medicaid has undertaken to effectively integrate the Triple Aim into our delivery systems. Partnering with Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics, free clinics and other health safety net providers serving the uninsured, hospitals can collaboratively build or expand models to improve health care value in South Carolina. We have an opportunity to show other states the amazing progress borne of our collaboration - and help our fellow citizens get and stay healthier.

If you’re interested in demonstrating how you’re making a mark in health care delivery, and serving as a model to others, see the Healthy Outcomes Plan Guidelines which explains how your hospital or health services center can get involved.

It is no small feat that our state's stakeholders have gotten this far. The Healthy Outcomes Plan seeks to further leverage local partnerships and cooperation not found in many states. Stakeholders around the country search for health system solutions. In South Carolina, we have many to offer.  

We look forward to your submissions with great anticipation.

Anthony Keck, Director                  Thornton Kirby, President and CEO
SCDHHS                                         SCHA


Healthy Outcomes Plan proposals are due by 5 p.m. Friday, August 30, 2013.

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