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Optional State Supplement (OSS) comprises section F of Proviso 33.34.

(F) Community Residential Care Optional State Supplement - The department shall establish policies and procedures to include establishing a facility rate per eligible beneficiary at $1,500 per month for recipients and providers who meet the requirements for the enhanced maximum OSS payment; establish eligibility criteria; and establish a methodology for increasing the personal needs allowance. The department will revise the net income limit to accommodate the change in the maximum OSS facility rate. A total of at least $12,000,000 shall be made available for this rate increase. The facility rate shall increase a minimum of $100 per month per eligible beneficiary. All current recipients shall remain eligible for the supplement during the fiscal year and nothing contained herein may conflict with or limit existing regulations. In addition, the department will establish Quality of Care Standards and other requirements for facilities licensed as a Community Residential Care Facility and participating in the OSS program and Medicaid Waiver services.

For more information or questions regarding Proviso 33.34, section F, please email with the subject, OSS.

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