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Learning Collaboratives

The Learning Collaborative is the vehicle through which all activities of the QTIP program are integrated.  The structure of the Learning Collaborative will be designed for the participating practices to:

  • Learn about children's health core measures
  • Promote medical home concepts that will enhance the physical and mental health status of children
  • Learn quality improvement techniques
  • Improve methods of data collection and increase practitioners’ ability to use quality data to improve practice and patient outcomes
  • Encourage peer-to-peer discussion and networking

Bi-annual learning sessions will be held in January and July of each year.  Each learning session will be approximately eight hours in length (focused on three to four quality measures) and will be attended by practice teams (physicians, nurses, front office staff) from each practice.

The Learning Collaborative sessions are linked to planned SC AAP existing events.  The January learning session was linked to the SC AAP’s annual CATCH meeting and the July meeting to the SC AAP’s annual meeting.  An extra day is added to these events for the QTIP practices.


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