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The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) is transitioning to a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). SCDHHS is streamlining and enhancing the current Medicaid service delivery system by replacing it with a more integral approach to processing claims, consolidated accounting systems, assisting Medicaid members with third-party liability and other components. This new system will eliminate barriers to business operations, so providers can focus more on service delivery.  

The project includes various system and services modules that will replace the current MMIS. The modules in the replacement MMIS (RMMIS) are the accounting and finance module, administrative services organization (ASO), business intelligence system (BIS), dental administrative services organization (DASO), electronic visit verification (EVV) module, pharmacy benefits administrator (PBA) and the third-party liability (TPL) module.

SCDHHS is taking full advantage of enhanced federal funding. This enhanced federal funding fluctuates during different project phases, with the agency receiving 90/10, 75/25 and 50/50 (federal funds/general funds percentages) funding for the RMMIS project.

Replacing the MMIS allows SCDHHS to implement complex medical management solutions, while improving efficiencies and reducing costs—which is at the core of the agency’s mission, to purchase the most health for South Carolina’s citizens in need at the least possible cost to the taxpayer. 

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